All my scrimshaw is done by hand, one piece at a time. I do not use a machine or a pattern. I have scrimmed from pictures in magazines as well as actual photographs for portraits. I may go by one picture or a combination of pictures to get the desired finished piece. Some of my customers have described what they had in mind and I would draw it and send it to them for approval (and make changes when needed).

I scrim in full color as well as the more traditional black and white. I can't say which I like better. It all depends on the subject to be scrimmed and the material. I have scrimmed a wide variety of subjects from wildlife to scenic pictures and people and portraits to objects.

People have asked me what my favorite subject to scrim is. My favorite thing about scrimshaw is the detail. If I had to narrow it down I suppose it would be African wildlife. I don't like snakes but I like to scrim them because of the detail.

The cost of my scrimshaw varies with size, detail and whether it is to be done in color or black and white. Scrimming in color takes longer so it cost a little more than black and white. Just to give you an idea, figure the size of the amount of scrimshaw you would like in square inches and multiply that by $100 to $150 per square inch. The cost for scrimming miniatures and portraits are figured separately. Even though they are small, doesn't  always make them less expensive. The material to be scrimmed on is extra. Please call or Email Me for estimates.